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I’m Ash Wilson, a software developer at GitHub. I work on the git and GitHub integration package for Atom.

I have particular interests in:

When the fancy strikes me, I may blog about some of these things.

I’m a bit of a polyglot when it comes to programming languages. Since we’re already doing the “about section” thing, here’s the list, as it stands.

Active set languages that are resident in my memory. I should be able to pick these up and start coding with minimal “wait what’s that standard library function” moments.

Ruby, Python, Smalltalk, C, Go, JavaScript, CoffeeScript, Java, Scala

Languages I’ve known well are the ones that I’ve built something more substantial than a tutorial with in the recent past. I might need a little refresher before I could get going again.

C++, Lisp

Languages I’ve read about but haven’t really properly put through their paces yet.

C#, Rust, Haskell

The dusty corners of my brain are for languages I haven’t touched for years and major versions.

Perl, PHP, Visual Basic

Unless otherwise noted, all of the photographs on the site are originals by my wife or myself.